CANAPAFORUM 2022 International Conference

Naples 6-10, September 2022
San Marcellino e Festo Monastic Complex

Five days fully dedicated to industrial hemp and medical cannabis innovation and politics
in the beautiful setting of San Marcellino Monastic Complex

Conferences, Guided Tours, Training Courses, Innovative Products Exhibition


Industrial Hemp Conference

Wednesday 7 September

San Marcellino e Festo: Fiber and Shives

h 9,00-9,30 – Participants Registration

h 9,30-10,55 – General Framework

  • Welcome
  • Fiber and Shives World Market – Mark Reinders CEO HempFlax
  • Industrial Hemp Product Chains in Europe: The HempClub project
  • Limits and Potential of the Industrial Hemp in Italy – Stefano Amaducci Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

10,55 Coffee Break

h 11,10-13,30 – Quality Fiber for Textile

  • Textile Hemp Outlook – Pierluigi Fusco Girard, CEO Linificio Canapificio Nazionale
  • Organic Farming of Flax and Hemp for textile use – Nathalie Revol, Lin et Chanvre Bio
  • Solutions for stems orderly harvesting: (movie)
  • Long Fiber production for local value chains – Pierre Amadieu, president Hemp-Act
  • Fiber retting: Caterpillar project in Emilia Romagna – Marco Errani, Azienda Sperimentale Stuard
  • Canapa Campana in Fiber Project – Mauro Mori University Federico II, Napoli

h 13,30 Buffet

h 14,30-16,15 – Technical Fiber, Shives and Markets

  • Hemp fiber employment in Composites – Vincent Placet, Coordinator European Project SSUCHY
  • Hemp fiber and Non-woven Fabrics – Pierre Ouagne, INP-ENIT
  • Qualty Fiber for Paper recycle – Enrico Fontana, Director Lucense
  • New technologies for fiber and shives joint use – Luca Querci, Cormatex srl
  • Hemp for Green Building – Massimo Senini, Senini srl

h 16,15-17,45 – Hemp Decortication: experiences in Italy and Europe

  • An Italian Plant for high quality fiber production – Giuseppe Vitiello, president Canapafiliera srl
  • Combined harvesting and stem processing – Assocanapa
  • A mobile decortication plant solution – Cesare Tofani, Naturfibre
  • RETE Canapa project in Marche region – Antonio Trionfi Honorati
  • Questions and answers

Thursday 8 September

San Marcellino e Festo: Hemp Tops for industrial use

h 9,00-9,30 Participants Registration

h 9,30-11,15 – Hemp Seed: Food and Cosmetics

  • Hempseed properties – Alberto Ritieni, Università Federico II di Napoli – Food Chemistry
  • Bioactive components and CBDA in Hempseed Oil – Severina Pacifico, Università della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
  • Quality Standards for cold-pressed Oils: a new regulation – Tullia Gallina Toschi, Università di Bologna
  • Hempseed Oil Market in Italy and Europe – Giuseppe Matticari, Joe&
  • Cultivation and Processing Methods for a good oil production – Giuseppe Sammartino, Molino Crisafulli

11,15 Coffee Break

h 11,30-13,30– Industrial Use of Flowering Tops and Extracts

  • Cannabinoids and Terpenes – Giuseppe Cannazza, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
  • New Strains for extraction and regulatory aspects – Gianpaolo Grassi, Canvasalus
  • Hemp Oil in Cosmetics – Fabio Corradini, Chimica HTS
  • Terpenotherapy and outlook for the Terpenes use – Enrico Giannuzzi – Simona Panico, ANSCE Biogeneric
  • Czech regulation on hemp tops for food, smokables and other uses – Ondrej Krasny, Czechemp
  • Market Prospects for Hemp Food and CBD – Daniel Kruse, CEO Hempro International and president EIHA

h 13,30 Buffet

h 14,30 -17,30 – CBD and other active principles production: business cases

  • Enecta and new genetics – Jacopo Paolini, CSO Enecta
  • A new solventless technology – Giovanni Venturini Del Greco, Herbolea
  • Analysis and processes in a great european bio-incubator – Edoardo Alfinito, Ambra srl
  • Alvaro Garro, Canapalife srl
  • CBD extracts and research on antiproliferation effects – Fabrizio Faion, Canax – Federica Pellati, UniMORE
  • Max Nardulli, Eusphera

Friday 9 September

San Marcellino e Festo: Hemp Politics and Regulation in the world

h 9,30-11,00 – Hemp Politics and Regulation in the world

  • Hemp in Canada and the Federation of International Hemp Organizations (FIHO) – Ted Haney, president Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) and Board Chair FIHO
  • Hemp in the Usa – Patrick Atagi President and CEO National Industrial Hemp Council of America
  • Hemp in Australia – Charles Kovess, CEO & Chief Speaker, Kovess International
  • Cannabis and Hemp in Africa: opportunities and challenges – David Katerere, Tschwane University of Technology, Pretoria

11,00 Coffee Break

h 11,15-12,15 – Evolution and limits of legislation in Europe and Italy

Daniel Kruse presidente EIHA – FR – Giacomo Bulleri lawyer (IT) – Hana Gabrielova president Czech Hemp – Joan Bertomeo Castello lawyer (E) – Lorenza Romanese director EIHA – Institutional Representatives EU and Italy

h 13,30 Buffet

h 14,30-16,30 – Focus on Canadian Hemp Case

history, market, politics and the role of Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance – meeting with Ted Haney, president Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA)

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